A smart folded piece of paper to hold everything that makes you happy.

What we do

We fold paper to
hold your hapiness

This smart folded piece of paper, with an iconic form, is created to hold everything that makes you happy. It is made out of stone rubbel so, unlike regular paper, this paper retains water. And above all: no trees are harmed!

The form is easy to flatten for compact transport and storage. Therefor the bucket is ideal to use for gifts, decoration at events, packaging, marketingtool for your business… the possibilities are endless

Easy to use
By filling the flat form with water, a stable bucket is created. The narrow shape on top ensures that your happiness is properly held.
FOLDtoHOLD customizable
Fully customizable
The graphics of the folded form and its packaging is addaptable to your personal taste. So, let`s go crazy with it.
FOLDtoHOLD stoneRubble
Made of stone rubble
The used paper is no ordinary paper but Stone Paper. The production of 1 ton saves 18 trees, 2270 l water, 85% energy and is free of bleach chemicals

What we make

Choose your favorite

FOLDtoHOLD ecovase waterproof
FOLDtoHOLD ecovase waterproof

Why we do it

Let me tell you
a story...

Renaat Put, a restaurant owner in Central Limburg (Belgium), found THE solution in 2008 for the problem with vases in hospitals. After all, the glass vases require a lot of storage space, maintenance, and (personnel) costs. Renaat invents the waterproof, paper and foldable vase, called ecoVASE.

In 2018 Renaat meets TEN Design & Engineering Agency. Together they developed a smart folded shape that retains water for more than 2 weeks, is easy to store and quick to use wherever, whenever and however you want.

The simple, but the iconic shape makes this container a real eye-catcher, … but let your flowers steal the show! If you have a larger/wilder bouquet, use the larger version, the FOLDtoHOLD bottle cooler. Add water and ice, and you get the perfect bottle cooler. And let’s be honest … you probably know a lot of other things that make you happy that can be kept in this container.

Let’s explore the possibilities together and create a cleverly folded sheet of paper that holds our happiness. Where you want it, when you want it and how you want it.